Survey Manager

Adam Scruggs

Adam started his career with Bemas by working summers when he was still in high school. He began as an operator and worked his way up to his current position as our survey manager. Along the way, he earned his bachelor’s degree in communications from Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Today, Adam has many responsibilities with Bemas. He manages all of the survey teams between the multiple field and machine control units deployed in the field. Adam also flies drones to create topographical and orthomosaic maps of our job sites in coordination with project managers in determining quantities and aiding in the overall efficiency of production crews.

His favorite part of working for Bemas is spending time with the people he works with. He’s fond of the unique challenges that come with each project as well as the dedication to get every job done right. He also appreciates how his job is “a constantly changing environment” with a broad range of projects and responsibilities. Adam thinks that what sets Bemas apart is the family-run nature of the company. “Larry [Ames] wouldn’t ask you to do anything he wouldn’t do himself,” Adam says. “He’s out there working harder than anybody else. That inspires all of us to be the best version of ourselves.”

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