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Transportation earthwork is the foundation of public infrastructure including roads, railways, airports, and seaports. These structures are essential for the movement of people and goods and play a vital role in our economy and society. For long-lasting reliable service, transportation earthwork must be stable and strong enough to support the weight of vehicles and loads traveling over the surface. They must also be able to handle the stresses and strains caused by changes in temperature and weather. That’s where we come in. Bemas Construction specializes in transportation earthwork designed and built for durability across multiple generations. As we build today, we’re looking ahead to ensure our work withstands the test of time to provide ongoing, reliable service for many decades to come.


Municipal, Heavy Highway, and Aviation

From water treatment facilities to highway and airport road construction and drainage, Bemas has performed a variety of tasks for the municipal, heavy highway, and aviation industries. We have completed projects in this industry as a general contractor, with a strong emphasis on self-perform work, as well as a subcontractor when others need our services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Transportation Services

  • What are the most common transportation earthwork projects?

    Bemas is experienced in multiple types of transportation construction for municipalities, state transportation departments, and airports. We offer start-to-finish services that include the construction of new roadways, including RCP piping, grading, subgrade preparation, fine grading, and more. Roads are built on a foundation of transportation earthwork, which typically includes a layer of compacted gravel, a layer of sand, and a layer of asphalt or concrete. The thickness of these layers depends on the type of road and the soil conditions. A road's surface is usually asphalt or concrete, but it can also be made of crushed stone. Asphalt is a mixture of asphalt cement and crushed stone, while concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, and crushed stone.
  • What are the different earthwork techniques in transportation projects?

    There are a few different types of earthwork techniques that are commonly used in transportation projects. At Bemas, we always use the latest GPS technology to survey and oversee the job, which can include the following elements:
    • Cut and fill: This type of earthwork involves cutting into the earth to create a level surface and then filling the resulting hole with dirt. This is the most common type of earthwork used for road and rail construction.
    • Longitudinal slope: Longitudinal slope earthwork creates a gradient for vehicles traveling in one direction. You'll typically see it on highways and other roadways.
    • Transverse slope: This type of earthwork creates a gradient for vehicles traveling in the opposite direction. It is most common at intersections and other road junctions.
    • Embankment: An embankment is used to raise the ground level. Embankments work well for bridges and road overpasses.
    • Trench: A trench is used to lower the ground level. Trenches commonly occur at road and rail crossings.
  • How does the terrain affect the planning of a transportation earthwork project?

    The type of terrain present on the job site is the most crucial factor in determining the type of earthwork to use in Colorado and similar climates. There are a few different types of terrain that are commonly found in transportation projects, each requiring its own process. Flat terrain, such as the farmland east of the Rockies, is easy to work with and can be graded with a simple cut-and-fill project. Once we get into the foothills, the terrain provides more challenges and requires more complex earthwork. In the mountains, the complexity can increase exponentially, requiring careful planning and expert performance The type of earthwork used in a transportation project will also depend on your budget and time constraints. Again, working with qualified earthwork specialists like Bemas Construction can help determine the appropriate path for your development.

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Diverse Transportation Earthwork Services

Whether you’re building on some of Colorado’s more mountainous terrain or require grading services for a road foundation, you want to partner with trusted providers who can help you tackle your project efficiently and affordably.

As a general contractor, Bemas is experienced in bidding, managing, and constructing large municipal, highway, and airport projects. We typically self-perform the grading, aggregate, and stormwater drainage aspect of these projects. This gives us greater control over the production and quality of the entire job site.

Contact Bemas Construction with project details and inquiries to learn more about our transportation earthwork capabilities.

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