As the general contractor on the Highway 22 Reconstruction project, Bemas self-performed and managed subcontractors for a 14.1-mile highway reconstruction in North Dakota. Bemas self-performed all grading, stormwater pipe installation, and aggregate base placement, while managing milling, tilling, asphalt paving, line striping, and boring subcontractors. 



With the project under a tight 6-month deadline, Bemas needed crews working 24/7 for 3 months straight. As difficult as this was, Bemas’ team embraced the challenge, planned shifts accordingly, and ultimately did what they needed to do to get the job done on time. This included paving the entire highway in six short weeks, starting in September and finishing in early November. 


The Final Result

Bemas achieved substantial completion after 6 months of hard work. In total, the project included approximately 1.1 million cubic yards of excavation, and 363,000 tons of aggregate base, and 166,000 tons of asphalt paving. Once warmer weather returned the following spring, Bemas finished up the project with new topsoil, seeding, and erosion control.




North Dakota Department of Transportation

Type of Project

Transportation - Highway

Scoped Performance

1.1M cubic yards of excavation, 363K tons of aggregate base course, 166K tons of paving


April, 2017 - June, 2018
Bemas Crew Excavating Mass Grading For Highway 22 Reconstruction Project
Zoom Shot Of Bemas Construction Crew Maneuvering Excavator For Highway 22 Reconstruction Project
Aerial View Progress Of Highway 22 Reconstruction Project

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