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Safety By Design

First and foremost, the safety and well-being of our employees, other contractors, and the public is our primary goal. We know the risks associated with our industry and always strive to mitigate them by equipping our teams with the tools and knowledge they need. At the end of the day, this keeps everyone returning home safe to their families.

After all, a project is only as successful as the health and wellness of our people. They’re the ones that get it done. This makes implementing a thorough safety plan that fits each unique job site a must. Every site comes with its own risks and we pride ourselves on our ability to identify them and design controls that remove the hazard.

Bemas understands that we also have a responsibility to protect the environment that surrounds our projects. Air and water quality for our communities is something we don’t take lightly. That’s why we always take the utmost care of our sites to ensure the land is usable for owners and the public for years to come.
  • New Hire Training

    We train all new hires directly on our job sites over the course of several weeks. On site, Foremen outline specific safety protocols and educate our new hires on how to safely work at Bemas.
  • Inspections

    Maintaining our equipment is crucial to the safety of our team. With daily inspections, we verify critical safety concerns, preventative maintenance, and ensure each machine is ready to run safely.
  • Continuing Training

    With weekly safety meetings, we are always introducing new safety topics to provoke conversation and awareness. Additionally, we train our people through programs such as OSHA and MSHA.
  • Technology

    By using HCSS Safety, we accurately manage and monitor the safety of our projects in real-time. We understand the advantage of using technology in our safety programs and continuously look for ways to improve.
  • Strategic Safety Plans

    Hazards often change from project to project. This makes unique safety plans for each project a must. After a thorough analysis of the job site, we create a strategy that keeps us safe without limiting production or quality.
  • Active Engagement

    When it comes to our projects, we encourage input from our clients, contractors, and the public. Safety is the responsibility of everyone on our projects and the more communication we create, the safer our projects will be.
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Mick Schuhmacher

Mick Schuhmacher

Vice President of Land Development, Century Communities

Bemas has been nothing short of an outstanding partner over the years and has a proven track record of being one of the best in the business. Having built thousands of lots together, their extensive knowledge and professionalism still remain unmatched.

Mick Schuhmacher

Vice President of Land Development, Century Communities
Rodney Muller

Rodney Muller

President, Contour Services LLS

Bemas Construction has been a true partner on multiple projects. Their ability to provide a large number of resources is very important to ensure meeting project critical path. Their capable team also provides outside the box solutions to difficult unexpected issues.

Rodney Muller

President, Contour Services LLS
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Our Safety Approach

Plan - Execute - Improve

We know safety is something we can plan for. The goal is to send everyone home each day, and we know it is not a one-man job. Safety is the responsibility of each individual on site, and we encourage our people, contractors, owners, and the public alike to speak up whenever they have a concern. By identifying, educating, and executing a well thought out safety plan, we design a safe working environment for everyone. With Bemas, you can always expect us to implement the following:
  • Checkmark Daily Safety Briefing
  • Checkmark Well-Maintained Equipment
  • Checkmark Ongoing Training
  • Checkmark Project-Specific Plans
  • Checkmark Active Participation

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