Technology We Use

Implementing new technology and equipment has always been a priority at Bemas. Over the years, we have created a fleet of machinery consisting of 50 scrapers, 16 bulldozers, and supporting machines ranging from excavators to motor graders and loaders. We believe our people need the right tools to get the job done right for our clients and communities.
By automatically adjusting and determining blade positions on our graders and dozers, Trimble Machine Control keeps our grades on target. By saving time, reducing errors, and eliminating confusion, we get our jobs done right the first time.
Even on the largest of sites, Trimble GPS keeps us on track. These easy-to-use GPS systems are reliable, fast, and effective surveying equipment.
AutoCAD is a trusted drafting software within the construction and engineering industries. With AutoCAD, we load survey points to calculate accurate grades, cut/fill requirements, and boundary lines as needed for each project.
From material takeoffs to project modeling, AGTEK is a versatile tool. With accurate quantity analysis, we can directly build our takeoffs into our site models. This allows us to track performance and production on-the-go.
HCSS provides faster bidding and reliable project management programs. HCSS HeavyBid and HeavyJob help eliminate the guesswork in bidding, monitor construction, and provide project documentation control that keeps our teams on the same page.
HCSS Safety accurately manages and monitors the safety of projects in real-time. By tracking safety paperwork, plans, and hazards, we identify and eliminate risks to keep our job sites safe.
Bemas Crew Member Doing Self-performed Maintenance For Our Earthwork Equipment And Machinery

How We Keep Moving Forward

Self-Performed Maintenance

Finding the best machinery is only the start of a great fleet. From there, it's up to our team's preventative maintenance plans to keep our machines running smoothly, our people safe, and our projects on schedule. We understand the importance of a well-kept piece of equipment and aim to give it the same care that we give our people.

Using Industry Experts

Our Trusted Vendors

At Bemas, we need reliable equipment to deliver the best product to our clients. By using trusted companies such as CAT, John Deere, and Trimble, we know our equipment works just as hard as our people do.
CAT, One Of Our Trusted Vendor At Bemas
John Deere, One Of Our Trusted Vendor at Bemas
Trimble, One Of Our Trusted Vendor At Bemas

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