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Colorado Logistics Distribution Center

In Commerce City, CO, we performed overlot grading, overexcavation, and imported material to balance out the site. Additionally, we also provided structural excavation and backfill services, subgrade prep, fine grading, and parking lot prep.
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Buffalo Ridge Landfill Project At Bemas Construction

Buffalo Ridge Landfill

At the Buffalo Ridge Landfill, we completed the excavation for a new landfill cell. This project included over 980,000 cubic yards of excavation and 70,000 cubic yards of clay liner...
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Aerial View Of Harmony Residential Development Project In Aurora, CO

Harmony Residential Development

Melcor selected Bemas to perform overlot grading and overexcavation on two separate projects in Aurora, CO.
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Anthem Residential Development

NASH Development contracted Bemas for the Anthem development in Broomfield, CO. Starting in April 2016, we performed residential overlot grading, overexcavation, and dewatering for a new subdivision.
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Dominion High Zone Tank

Reynolds Construction selected Bemas to perform multiple activities in Littleton, CO. Starting in March 2020, Bemas completed the excavation and minimal overexcavation for a new precast water storage tank for Roxborough Water and Sanitation District...
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Aerial View Anthem Residential Development Project In Broomfield, Co.

Ft. Lupton Pit Reclamation

Between April and June 2017, Bemas provided a variety of services for LG Everist in Ft Lupton, CO. The project required Bemas to excavate keyway trenches and backfill an active mining pit area while also controlling the pit water levels during construction...
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Bemas Construction Crew On Highway 22 Reconstruction Site

Highway 22 Reconstruction

As the general contractor on the Highway 22 Reconstruction project, Bemas self-performed and managed subcontractors for a 14.1-mile highway reconstruction in North Dakota.
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Legacy Ridge Drainageway

Bemas was contracted to excavate for sculpted concrete drop structures and trickle channels.
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Full-width Aerial Shot Of Looking Glass Residential Overlot Progress By Bemas Construction.

Looking Glass Residential

In May 2020, Bemas started the Looking Glass project in Parker, CO. The Hess Ranch Metro District selected Bemas to perform the residential project as the general contractor.
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Riverton Airport Runway Rebuild Project

Riverton Airport Runway Rebuild

Reconstruction of runways 10/28 and 1/19 for the City of Riverton, WY
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Stafford Commercial Site

In Aurora, CO, Bemas performed over 1.5M cubic yards of overlot grading, onsite borrow, and over-excavation.
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Two Bridges Drainageway

In Parker, CO, Bemas installed boulder drop structures and riprap aprons for Two Bridges Metro District.
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