Between April and June 2017, Bemas provided a variety of services for LG Everist in Ft Lupton, CO. The project required Bemas to excavate keyway trenches and backfill an active mining pit area while also controlling the pit water levels during construction. This also included the removal and disposal of overburden materials to construct a new slope embankment on an adjacent land parcel. After constructing the initial slope, Bemas utilized onsite pit run material to protect the exposed surfaces. Finally, we installed a new topsoil layer to finish the project.



One of the biggest challenges of this project was the material requirements. Bemas needed to mix the existing materials onsite with different materials in the new embankment to meet the Geotechnical Engineer’s requirements. 


The Final Result

The Ft Lupton Pit Reclamation was a great chance to make future mining operations easier for LG Everist. By stripping the adjacent areas and using this material to reclaim the existing pits, Bemas cleared the way for new mines while reclaiming past mining operations. 




LG Everist

Type of Project

Aggregate Pit Reclamation

Scoped Performance

130K cubic yards of excavation


April, 2017 - June, 2017
Aerial View Of Ft. Lupton Pit Reclamation Project

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