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Bemas Construction is highly experienced in developing sites for industrial facilities like warehouses, manufacturing plants, processing and distribution centers, and more. We understand the fast-paced nature of these projects and the urgency our clients often face to arrive first on the market. To best support our industrial clients’ needs, we prioritize flexibility in our approach to deliver high quality results quickly and efficiently. Our services include grading, excavation, and the installation of storm drainage systems for large-scale industrial site development.

Industrial Market Differentiators

Bemas Construction stands apart from other contractors in our region as one of the best equipped and highly capable for large-scale industrial site development projects. Our expansive fleet of highly specialized earthmoving equipment allows our teams to work quickly and efficiently, meeting tight deadlines without compromising quality. As a benefit of their experience, our project teams are able to function with high levels of flexibility and responsiveness, adjusting to sudden design changes that are often part of fast-paced industrial projects. Our number one priority is helping our industrial clients break into the market as quickly as possible with the facilities that will enable them to be successful. Whatever it takes, we work to make it happen.

Round-the-clock production

Design flexibility

Large-scale equipment

Round-the-clock production

Bemas Crew Member Removing Overburden Materials To Create Clay Plug For Pit Reclamation
Bemas Construction teams will work around the clock when needed—24 hours a day, seven days a week—to ensure that project deadlines are met. Our commitment to completing work ahead of time is a necessary priority on projects that often have millions or market dollars riding on their success.

Design flexibility

Bemas in Action Excavating, Stockpiling & Installing Clay Liners For Landfill Cell Construction
Flexibility is crucial during the construction of industrial facilities because designs can often evolve throughout the project life cycle. Bemas Construction is committed to working closely with our industrial clients to accommodate design changes without ever sacrificing project timelines or quality.

Large-scale equipment

Our ability to drive production schedules to finish projects quickly is the result of our outstanding team members and the incredible fleet of heavy equipment they have access to. We own and maintain more than XX total pieces of highly specialized earthwork machinery including excavators, bulldozers, loaders, and more.

A Tailored Approach to Serving Our Industrial Partners

At Bemas Construction, we tailor our approach to each of our valued industrial partners by working closely with them throughout every stage of the project. We stay ahead of the curve by knowing its location at all times.

Over the course of nearly three decades, Bemas Construction has been able to consistently deliver for industrial clients by coordinating our machinery and personnel to move large quantities of earth material, often at a moment’s notice. From coordinating field logistics to responding quickly to ever evolving designs and timelines, we do what it takes to get our clients to market ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Industrial Services

  • Is Bemas Construction accustomed to working with Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)?

    Yes, we are! We understand the requests of many of our clients in the industrial market to maintain absolute confidentiality regarding their projects. That’s one of the simplest but also the most important means of gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and as a responsible business partner we are committed to protecting our clients’ privacy.
  • What scale of industrial site projects is Bemas Construction capable of delivering?

    In a word: HUGE. As Colorado’s leading earthwork contractor, Bemas Construction is fully equipped and experienced to tackle massive industrial development projects. We’ll work to coordinate all the necessary equipment to move huge quantities of material within even the most strict timeline.
  • Does Bemas Construction operate as a subcontractor or general contractor primarily on industrial site development projects?

    Both. We’re capable of providing project management services to oversee full delivery of a site development project. At the same time, we’re more than happy to subcontract specific services as needed to support project delivery.

How Bemas Construction Can Help

Earthwork Services for Industrial Projects

Bemas Construction offers a range of services specifically tailored to meet the demands of industrial site development projects. These services include site preparation and grading, excavation, storm drainage and sewer system installation, concrete work, and general contracting.

With our expansive fleet of heavy equipment, we’re capable of moving large quantities of material quickly and efficiently, ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget.

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Our Projects

Aerial View Anthem Residential Development Project In Broomfield, Co.

Ft. Lupton Pit Reclamation

Between April and June 2017, Bemas provided a variety of services for LG Everist in Ft Lupton, CO. The project required Bemas to excavate keyway trenches and backfill an active mining pit area while also controlling the pit water levels during construction...
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Buffalo Ridge Landfill Project At Bemas Construction

Buffalo Ridge Landfill

At the Buffalo Ridge Landfill, we completed the excavation for a new landfill cell. This project included over 980,000 cubic yards of excavation and 70,000 cubic yards of clay liner...
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