At the Buffalo Ridge Landfill, we completed the excavation for a new landfill cell. This project included over 980,000 cubic yards of excavation and 70,000 cubic yards of clay liner. After excavating and prepping the site, Bemas installed the leachate collection system on the floor of the landfill. Finally, we tied the collection system into the existing cells leachate system.



Bemas encountered multiple challenges at Buffalo Ridge. This included a difficult excavation of the leachate and clay liner tie-ins. On top of a difficult excavation, limited water availability during construction required Bemas to strategically approach the clay liner installation. Ultimately ensuring that they had enough water to complete the project.


The Final Result

Regardless of the challenges faced on this project, Bemas delivered the project two weeks early and under budget, generating another satisfied client. 




Waste Management

Type of Project


Scoped Performance

980K cubic yards excavation to stockpile, 70K cubic yards of clay liner


July, 2018 - October, 2018
Bemas Tied the Leachate Collection System Into Existing Cells of the Buffalo Ridge Landfill
Leachate Collection System on the Floor of the Buffalo Ridge Landfill
Aerial View of the Buffalo Ridge Landfill Project

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