Large-Scale Earthmoving Experts Since 1995

Large-scale earthmoving formed the foundation of our service offerings when Bemas Construction started nearly three decades ago. Today, mass excavation is still an essential component of how we serve our clients. It’s in our DNA, and there isn’t a contractor in Colorado capable of doing it better than our team of construction industry experts. Over the years, we’ve continued to grow our teams and invest in state-of-the-art heavy equipment to tackle whatever earthmoving challenges our clients may face. The combination of highly trained and knowledgeable team members, paired with the latest tools and technologies, is what produces the level of quality Bemas Construction is known for.

Overexcavation Services

At Bemas, we offer complete overexcavation services to address the specific needs of your projects. Whether it’s correcting design errors, removing unsuitable soil, or creating a suitable foundation, we have the expertise and resources to efficiently and effectively perform overexcavation.

Our project teams utilize advanced equipment and techniques to ensure accurate and controlled excavation, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency. Our overexcavation services will be carried out with the highest level of professionalism and precision, delivering results that meet the budget and schedule requirements of your project.

Additional Capabilities

The term “excavation” covers a range of service categories which Bemas Construction is capable and equipped to offer our clients. Whatever level of earthmoving your project requires, our operational teams will work closely with you to determine the quickest and most budget-friendly way to address them.

Clearing & Grubbing

Structure Excavation & Backfill


Clearing & Grubbing

Bemas Construction specializes in comprehensive early-stage land clearing services, adeptly transforming natural, overgrown, and underdeveloped site areas. Our expert team will efficiently clear and remove vegetation, skillfully executing clearing and grubbing processes.

Structure Excavation & Backfill

We’re experienced in backfilling earth and rock material to form structural components including ground slabs, foundations, roadways, walkways, and other underground elements.


In situations where existing structures like residential houses, storage facilities, or others need to be removed from a project site, Bemas provides demolition services to safely and efficiently clear the area for development.

Massively Equipped to Get Things Moving

Large-scale earthmoving projects can be filled with challenges. Delivering them successfully requires a combination of the right people using the right tools. At Bemas Construction, we invest heavily in both to provide our clients with the level of service their projects require.

More than 80 skilled operators, survey specialists, and ground team members make up our grading and excavation teams. Collectively they have access to our fleet of excavators, bulldozers, motor graders, and other pieces of earthmoving equipment. We’re never without the resources needed to fulfill our project commitments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mass Excavation

  • How many acres is a typical excavation site for Bemas Construction?

    Our earthmoving projects can range anywhere from a few-acre residential development to large-scale industrial sites that span several hundreds of acres. In every case, our primary commitment is to working with our clients to set realistic completion goals within the overall project budget.
  • Does Bemas Construction scope surveying as a separate service for excavation projects?

    Surveying is typically subcontracted separately by the project owner to an objective third party company, however Bemas does utilize internal survey equipment to speed production on our projects. We also provide recommendations for reputable surveying companies as a way of ensuring overall project quality and efficiency.
  • What kinds of technologies does Bemas Construction use for excavation work?

    From our survey and estimating teams to our experts running equipment in the field, we equip our team members with the industry’s latest technologies to stay on the cutting edge of performance—from Trimble machine controls to AutoCAD design software. For more info, visit our technology page.