Colorado’s Residential Market Leader

As one of the top earthwork contractors in Colorado’s residential market, Bemas Construction has helped provide housing for millions of families and individual residents in our state. Along the way, we’ve partnered with hundreds of developers, from mom and pop outfits to some of the country’s largest housing companies. Our company has earned a reputation not only for providing exceptional quality heavy construction services, but for integrating ourselves as a true project partner from planning to completion. We’re driven to form lasting relationships with clients who share our vision of bringing long-term value to our communities.

Residential Market Differentiators

Opportunities in Colorado’s residential housing market are abundant for contractors and developers willing to invest in the region. Those opportunities carry a unique set of challenges that can hinder a project’s success without experts in place to address them—experts like us, for example. Bemas Construction brings nearly 30 years of high-volume earthwork experience to every residential project we take on. As a contractor, we’re set apart by the scale of our earthwork operations, which gives us the ability to progress our residential clients’ projects so they can begin building as quickly as possible.

Speed of Delivery

Partnership Approach


Speed of Delivery

Bemas Construction Offers Overlot Grading With Cat Heavy Equipment
Our primary role on the majority of residential projects is to prepare the site as quickly as possible to begin construction. We draw upon our considerable resources and equipment to expedite delivery and complete our work ahead of schedule.

Partnership Approach

Bemas Crew Removing Soil at Residential Job Site, Over Excavation
At the heart of every successful residential development is a strong partnership between the project owner and contractor. Bemas Construction has maintained active working relationships with many of our partners for closer to three decades.


Bemas Crew Member Truck Hauling On Residential Project
In our experience, the majority of project complications can be avoided by simply keeping project partners better informed of what’s happening. Our project teams go above and beyond, at times over-communicating, to keep everyone up to date and moving in the same direction.

A Tailored Approach to Serving Our Residential Partners

Just like every project is different and unique, so does every market involve its own set of challenges. We operate effectively across numerous markets in Colorado by remaining flexible in our processes, tailoring our approach to address our clients’ specific needs.

Bemas Construction serves residential contractors and developers throughout every stage of their project, starting with preconstruction and planning. We’ll lend our expertise to help review designs for constructability, plan and refine production schedules, and can even help obtain permitting and navigate the inspection process with city officials. Whatever the scale of your project, we’ll work with you to ensure a seamless experience during every phase in which our teams are involved.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Residential Services

  • What size residential projects does Bemas Construction typically work on?

    We provide grading and excavation services on residential projects ranging from smaller side-street developments to large-scale multifamily developments on 100+ acre lots. There’s no preferred project size. Rather, we pursue work based on the value we believe it adds to our communities and the reputation of the project owners.
  • Does Bemas Construction work primarily on single family or multifamily developments?

    Both! Our teams are equally experienced and capable of developing sites for single-family neighborhoods and multi-family residencies like apartment, condominiums, and townhouse developments.
  • Can I contract Bemas to grade for my new driveway?

    We rarely contract our services directly to homeowners, unfortunately—not because we don’t want to help, but because it’s rarely cost-effective for that client type. The scale of our operations results in high overhead costs, which we wish to avoid passing on to customers. We’re happy to recommend some reputable contractors who are better suited to single-lot contracts to anyone who reaches out to us.

How Bemas Construction Can Help

Earthwork Services for Residential Projects

At Bemas Construction, we offer a range of earthwork services to meet the needs of our residential clients. Using advanced technology and heavy machinery, our grading and excavating teams provide essential preparation for the foundation of small and large-scale projects, ensuring your site is ready for building.

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Our Projects

Full-width Aerial Shot Of Looking Glass Residential Overlot Progress By Bemas Construction.

Looking Glass Residential

In May 2020, Bemas started the Looking Glass project in Parker, CO. The Hess Ranch Metro District selected Bemas to perform the residential project as the general contractor.
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Anthem Residential Development

NASH Development contracted Bemas for the Anthem development in Broomfield, CO. Starting in April 2016, we performed residential overlot grading, overexcavation, and dewatering for a new subdivision.
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Aerial View Of Harmony Residential Development Project In Aurora, CO

Harmony Residential Development

Melcor selected Bemas to perform overlot grading and overexcavation on two separate projects in Aurora, CO.
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