Reynolds Construction selected Bemas to perform multiple activities in Littleton, CO. Starting in March 2020, Bemas completed the excavation and minimal overexcavation for a new precast water storage tank for Roxborough Water and Sanitation District. Bemas’ scope of work also included the construction of an onsite staging area, furnish and installation of rock underneath the new tank floor, underdrain installation, and structural fill placement.


Challenges/Unique Features

One unique aspect of this project is that the water storage tank was precast onsite rather than delivered from an offsite precast concrete tank fabricator. With minimal room for error in the rock layer beneath the tank, installing the material within the designated tolerances was crucial to the integrity of the tank. 


The Final Result

With the project ongoing, we are proud of our accomplishments so far. We look forward to backfilling the new water storage tank in October 2020. 




Reynolds Construction

Type of Project

Municipal - Excavation and Subgrade

Scoped Performance

Excavation, subgrade prep


Bemas Crew Performing Structural Fill Placement For Dominion High Zone Tank Project
Bemas Furnishing And Installing Rock Underneath The New Tank Floor For Dominion High Zone Tank
Excavation & Sub-Grade Prep of the Dominion HIgh Zone Tank Residential Project

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