After the project was originally abandoned in 2007, the Two Bridges Metro district hired Bemas to rebuild an existing drainageway at the Two Bridges development in Parker, CO. Bemas started by installing sheet pile cutoff walls with concrete caps at both existing drop structure locations. Following this installation, the Bemas team furnished and installed new boulder drop structures and adjacent riprap aprons. Finally, we re-graded existing onsite ponds and constructed new forebays, trickle channels, and outlet structures.



Before deciding to end the project in 2007, Two Bridges performed a rehabilitation project within the new development. Although it has been years since the project began, Bemas needed to meet Douglas County requirements for rehabilitation projects.


The Final Result

Regardless of the challenges faced, Bemas met county guidelines and provided a functional and visually appealing drainageway for the Two Bridges development. We are proud to add this successful project to our portfolio and pleased to see the community thriving today.




Two Bridges Metro District

Type of Project

Drop Structures (Boulder)

Scoped Performance

Boulder drop structure installation, riprap apron installation


August, 2016 - November, 2016
Our Crew Working On Two Bridges Metro Project Installing Boulder Drop Structures
Boulder Rocks And Riprap Installation For Legacy Ridge Drainageway Project
Bemas Re-graded Existing Onsite Pods
Full-wide View Progress For Two Bridges Project

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