Meet Larry Ames, The Founder Of Bemas Construction


Larry Ames

Since Larry was 13-years old, he’s called the earthmoving world home thanks to the family business, Ames Construction, started by his father, Dick Ames, in 1961.

After thirty years of working for the family business (he started as employee #3 at Ames and ended after leading over 100,000,000 CY of excavation at DIA), Larry wanted to return to his roots of moving dirt without big-business bureaucracy. He began Bemas Construction in 1995 with only a few pieces of iron and the intention of keeping the operation small.

Without an office in Bemas’ headquarters, and even though he’s in his 70’s, Larry is on job sites six to seven days a week doing anything from checking grade to repairing 631 scrapers. Since he’s done everything there is to do at least once, he’s a wealth of information for everyone at Bemas to learn from.

Outside of dirt, family is the most important thing to Larry, so he places high importance on taking care of everyone in his life, from his grandkids to the people of Bemas. Thanks to his deep sense of caring, people who come to work for Bemas typically retire at Bemas.

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