Meet Ron Smith Our Equipment Manager At Bemas Construction

Equipment Manager

Ron Smith

For years, Ron Smith worked as a mechanic at the local John Deere dealership, where he worked on Bemas’ service truck. Tiring of the corporate world, he accepted an offer to join Bemas around 2010 as a mechanic but quickly rose to become equipment manager.

Because he’s “into uptime,” Ron visits most of the job sites daily to oversee his crew of 12 mechanics and check on every piece of equipment each week, ensuring that no equipment misses its scheduled PM.

He likes the low-key attitude at Bemas that allows him to get a lot of work done without a lot of stress. He appreciates working for “the dynasty” because it’s people-oriented.

When he’s not working, Ron and his wife like to ride their Harley Davidson motorcycles to Sturgis and destinations in Colorado and Arizona. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and riding dirt bikes with his grandchildren.

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